FP Haskell Center Beta Refresh.

Posted by Gregg Lebovitz - 18 July, 2013

FP Haskell Center Beta Refresh Announcement

We are excited to share some updates we’ve made and new features we’ve added to our Beta. Here are some of the things we’ve done to improve your experience with the FP Haskell Center:

  • Made numerous bug fixes since the first Beta release

  • Added a new “setup profile” page

  • Updated User Interface for IDE:

    • List modules
    • Search for modules
    • More intuitive module controls for adding, removing, and modifying module settings
    • Better help integration
    • Additional code templates
  • Made changes to Git handling to improve performance and accommodate large projects

  • Fixed bug that prevented the arranging of content in display groups

  • Added interface for editing projects title/description

  • Included interface to delete projects

  • Added support for Hlint (a tool that reads Haskell programs and suggests changes that make them easier to read)

  • Added support for Stylish Haskell code formatting:

    • Aligns and sorts import statements
    • Groups and wraps {-# LANGUAGE #-} pragmas, can remove (some) redundant pragmas
    • Removes trailing whitespace
    • Replaces tabs by four spaces (turned off by default)
    • Replaces some ASCII sequences by their Unicode equivalents

The feedback we’ve been receiving has been extremely valuable to us. We appreciate your help in making FP Haskell Center a true asset to the Haskell community. If you haven’t signed up for a free account to our FP Haskell Center Beta, there is still time.

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