Commercial Haskell Special Interest Group.

Posted by Michael Snoyman - 23 January, 2015

At FP Complete, we’re constantly striving to improve the quality of the Haskell ecosystem, with a strong emphasis on making Haskell a viable tool for commercial users. Over the past few years we’ve spoken with many companies either currently using Haskell or considering doing so, worked with a number of customers in making Haskell a reality for their software projects, and released tooling and libraries to the community.

We’re also aware that we’re not the only company trying to make Haskell a success, and that others are working on similar projects to our own. We believe that there’s quite a lot of room to collaborate on identifying problems, discussing options, and creating solutions.

Together with a few other companies and individuals, we are happy to announce the launch of a Commercial Haskell Special Interest Group.

If you're interested in using Haskell in a commercial context, please join the mailing list. I know that we have some projects we think are worth immediate collaboration, and we'll kick off discussions on those after people have time to join the mailing list. And I'm sure many others have ideas too. I look forward to hearing them!

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