A New Release for the New Year: Announcing Release 3.2.

Posted by Michael Snoyman - 06 January, 2015

A New Release for the New Year

We recently released version 3.2 of FP Haskell Center. We want to take this opportunity to list some of the new features and highlight the additions of a Hosted Haddocks button and the ability to set up personal RSS feeds within each account.

3.2 Features List

  • Support for downloading extra packages from arbitrary.tar and .gz urls (available from the “extra packages” tab of the settings page)
  • Auto-insert functionality works for error messages (used to only work for warnings)
  • Toggle executable bit in UI. You can now make data files executable inside the IDE.
  • Updated hlint version for better functionality
  • Hosted Haddock button
  • Per-user RSS feed /user-feed/username to access

More about the features we think you’ll be the most interested in

Hosted Haddock Button

Often times when you’re working on a codebase, it’s convenient to generate the Haddocks to get an idea of what’s going on. It’s also useful to be able to share those generated Haddocks with others. FP Haskell Center now allows you to do both with a single click. Inside the deployment menu, you can now generated Haddocks for your current project. Links to dependencies will be created correctly, and the generated URL is fully shareable with others.

Per-user RSS Feed

Users now have the ability to set up personal RSS Feeds within their accounts. This answers a request from some users to be able to more easily let people stay up-to-date with their content. This ties in nicely with our previous addition of Disqus comments.

Feedback is always appreciated

We are proud of every improvement we make to FP Haskell Center and look forward to your feedback. With each release we are continuing to raise the quality of our product.

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