Stackage Badges.

Posted by Michael Snoyman - 19 October, 2015

This is a guest blog from Konstantin Zudov, who has been making a number of wonderful enhancements to the Stackage Server website.

Snapshot badges for packages on Stackage

Stackage Server just got a new feature: snapshot badges. Take a look:

  • stack/lts-2: Stack lts-2 badge
  • stack/lts-3: Stack lts-3 badge
  • stack/lts (the latest): Stack lts badge
  • stack/nightly: Stack nightly badge

Package authors can add the badges to their to tell users in which snapshots the package is present and provide a link to the package page.

Here is an example of how that can be done:

# PackageName

[![packagename on Stackage LTS 2](](
[![packagename on Stackage LTS 3](](
[![packagename on Stackage Nightly](](

In case of stack it would look like:


stack on Stackage LTS 2 stack on Stackage LTS 3 stack on Stackage Nightly

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