FP Complete

We are pleased to announce our free academic program where faculty members and students from accredited institutions can use FP Haskell Center for free. You can get your free account through a simple web sign-up form starting in mid-August, right before FP Haskell Center becomes generally available in early September. If you haven’t already, you can get started now by signing up for the Beta.

With many tutorials and sample code included in the product, FP Haskell Center provides both teachers and students with an accessible cloud-based platform to teach/learn, perform Haskell research, and develop real-world solutions.

FP Haskell Center is an integrated development and deployment environment written in Haskell. It consists of two components: the FP Development Environment and the FP Application Server. The FP Development Environment includes a Haskell compiler and a continually updated set of vetted, tested and supported libraries and code templates. There is no need to run Cabal or other installers. The FP Application Server is used to deploy and run Haskell applications directly in the cloud.

Crescat scientia; vita excolatur!*

* “Let knowledge grow; life is perfected.”

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