FP Complete

FP Haskell Center Beta Sign-Up Still Open. Scheduled Activations Ongoing.

We got many enthusiastic beta testers asking “I am all ready to test the product. When can I get activated?” Here’s the story: we started activating beta sign ups since last Sunday, based on a schedule of increasing numbers each day. We have over 1,000 sign-ups to-date, so we expect to activate all by July 15. If you already signed up and haven’t received notice yet to activate, please wait a few more days, we will get to all of you. There is NO NEED TO SIGN-UP AGAIN.

All of us at FP Complete are excited and gratified by the mostly positive comments about the product based on the video walkthrough of the product. We are eagerly awaiting the feedback from you as you are testing the product. Thanks in advance!

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