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Case studies of commercial Haskell use

A question we hear a lot is: who’s already using Haskell commercially, and how is it going? Fortunately, there are a lot of Haskell users happy to talk about their experiences. Several companies have been generous enough to spend their time with us, being interviewed about their experiences so we can share them with you. […]

School of Haskell Goes Beta

We are happy to announce the beta of the FP Complete School of Haskell. Our goal is to remove the biggest obstacle to learning the language. All you procrastinators promising yourselves to take up Haskell one day — you have no excuses left! Go to our beta signup page and get a chance to experience […]

Solving the Global Software Crisis

Companies today are facing a perfect storm in information technology. As the world becomes more and more technological, more and more of a company’s success is driven – or limited – by its ability to innovate in IT. And IT innovation, in practice, means making software do new things. But companies still developing with 1990s and even […]

Designing the Haskell IDE

As you might have heard through the grapevine, or learned from Michael Snoyman’s blog, or from Gregg Lebovitz’ presentation at the Boston Haskell User’s Group, FP Complete is working on a Haskell IDE. Michael’s blog received a lot of comments and precipitated a reddit exchange; Gregg’s presentation sparked a lively discussion — both turned out […]

Yesod Tutorial 1. My First Web Site

This is the first in the series of tutorials introducing a new approach to web development using Haskell and Yesod. Haskell is a functional language and Yesod is a web development framework written in Haskell by Michael Snoyman who also wrote a book about it. Michael is a member of the FP Complete team and […]

Yesod Tutorial 2. Playing with Routes and Links

In the previous tutorial I described a single-file Yesod program that ran a very simple web site. I will continue adding new features to this program to illustrate various aspects of Yesod while at the same time teaching you elements of Haskell. I’ll be using the style of programming that’s quite appropriate for a tutorial, […]

What do commercial users want from Haskell?

Over the next two years Haskell will have a lot more users, including many in commercial settings. We at FP Complete spend a lot of time interviewing and studying current and potential users, and at the recent ICFP gathering in Copenhagen many attendees encouraged me to talk more about what we have learned. Haskell delivers […]

Functional Patterns in C++

I gave a talk about Functional Patterns in C++ at the meeting of the Northwest C++ Users Group. It was a long talk, so the video is split into three parts. Even though it was a presentation for C++ programmers, I took a lot of inspiration from Haskell, but without the mathematical background. From a […]

Ten Things You Should Know About Haskell Syntax

Learning a new programming language involves learning syntax, semantics, and idioms. Syntax itself can tell you a lot about the philosophy of the language, but learning syntax without any context is not only hard but also boring. On the other hand, you’d want to get some handle on syntax as soon as possible, so you […]

5-Day Haskell Course

We are now offering a 5-day introductory on-site Haskell course. For details see our Services page. It’s a hands-on course during which students will learn Haskell from scratch, starting with function syntax and ending with advanced topics like monad transformers, parallelism, web development, performance tuning, etc.