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FP Complete Launches FP Haskell Competition with $1,000 Cash Prize Each Month

I’m very excited to announce our competition for sample Haskell code and tutorials of real-world engineering and business solutions. The winning entry each month will get $1,000 cash prize, with a maximum of 3 runner-up prizes of $500 each. There may be multiple prizes each month or none at all if none meet the winning criteria. There are no limits on how many prizes each individual, team or group can win in any month or the duration of the contest. In other words, you can make some serious play money here!

Each entry consists of a working solution to an applied problem, plus accompanying tutorial material to teach others how to build similar programs. Entries must be built or build on FP Haskell Center. Anyone not affiliated with FP Complete is eligible to enter. The competition starts August 2013.

Entries may be based on new or pre-existing content and code, as long as they haven’t been published before and you’re willing to share it with the community. Understandable, well-organized, tutorial documentation and reusable code–often in conjunction with other languages–are more important than advanced programming techniques or theoretical purity. Your program must solve an applied problem or class of problems.

Since Entries must be built or build on FP Haskell Center, you need to sign up for its Beta, if you haven’t already.

Why are we doing this? Simple: because the Haskell community needs to vastly expand for Haskell to become a mainstream language. To do this we must show people how to use this amazing language in solving real-world business problems. People tell us they need to see running and documented examples of real-world problems and solutions, so they can quickly see how to design their own working solutions. They also want material to show their colleagues and bosses just how useful Haskell is today. This contest intends to crowd source programming recipes into an applied Haskell cookbook.

We really believe in this program as a key driver to greater Haskell adoption, which is good for the Haskell-functional programming communities and FP Complete. So we want to incentivize the collective energy and talent of the community to produce content to promote our common cause. So, get your creative and competitive juices going, and make some extra money for rent, a trip to Hawaii, building your own drone or whatever else turns you on.

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