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It’s here! After months of hard work by our engineers, and only 9 months since we announced our plans in ICFP last September, I am pleased to announce that we’ve released the beta of FP Haskell Center, the world’s first commercial Haskell IDE and deployment platform.  We’ve received great response with nearly 1,000 sign-ups already.  Since we want to have a smooth beta process and a good user experience, we are going to activate beta accounts selectively, in ever increasing numbers, in the next few weeks as we test new features and load factors.  We will notify users via email that their account is ready to be activated; some of you who are reading this may already have received the message.  We expect to have “open enrollment” for all before the end of July.

Watch a video walkthrough of the highlighted features.  There’s still time to sign-up.

As an appreciation and reward for being in the beta program, we will offer a special discount only to beta customers who buy an annual subscription to the GA product before the official release date in early September.  We are working on our pricing and offering plans, and expect to have them completed by early August, so stay tuned.

FP Haskell Center has two integrated components that allow you to develop and deploy Haskell applications in the cloud from a single platform.  The FP Haskell Development Environment is an IDE that includes a Haskell compiler and a continually updated set of vetted, tested and supported libraries and code templates. There is no need to run Cabal or other installers. The FP Haskell Application Server is used to deploy and run Haskell applications directly in the cloud with no additional effort. A free shared instance is included with every account. Larger and dedicated instances are available for active project deployments at a reasonable monthly charge.

For further information and sign up, please go here.

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