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FP Haskell Center Open Publish Announcement

As you know, FP Complete’s mission is to drive the wide-scale adoption of Haskell functional programming. As our next step in this mission, I’m pleased to announce we are releasing our full FP Haskell Center (FPHC) free for developers of open projects. This model will be very familiar to Haskellers and GitHub users.

FPHC has been live online for a little less than a year and has been very successful. I’m proud of our hard-working team who have achieved so much so quickly, using many important open-source components as well as some very good commercial services. Because of this progress and the support and activity from our users, we have reached the point where we can give even more back to the Haskell community and do more to promote the overall advancement of Haskell.

As of October 1, users of our free Community or “Open Publish” edition will have access to features previously offered only to FPHC Commercial customers. This includes complete remote git support, complete git command line integration for Emacs clients, as well as git “mega repos,” and inter-project dependencies.

With these increased free features, the paid Personal edition is no longer needed. If you have a Personal license, we’ll stop charging you, and will renew you to a free Open Publish license. Similarly, Academic accounts will also convert to Open Publish accounts.

Unlike Commercial licenses, Open Publish accounts will automatically publish all projects on the FPHC site with each commit. Open Publish accounts aren’t available on private servers, and won’t include a shared or private FP Application Server. Of course we continue to offer the paid Commercial license for those who need it — but most people won’t.

We’re confident that access to more capable tools will inspire others to be more involved with pushing Haskell forward, and we believe this move will better suit open source projects and independent developers.

Now that our corporate clients are expanding their work orders with us, we can offer even more for open source developers. This has also afforded us the opportunity to focus on our own innovative Haskell projects which we will be rolling out over time. Our corporate clients are excited by what we’ve been able to deliver with our Haskell-built tools, and this is just the beginning. Of course we also continue to contribute to Yesod, Fay, GHC, Stackage, and other important Haskell community projects beyond FP Haskell Center itself.

Innovation is about motivation, and we hope our free tools for open source Haskell developers provide the resources and motivation to build more projects. What has already been amassed in our School of Haskell is proof that the Haskell community knows how to build great resources given the right tools and forums. Keep up the amazing work and let us know what else we can do to help.

Aaron Contorer, CEO, FP Complete

Planned Release Schedule:

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