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We are happy to announce that we have been sponsoring free webinars for over a year now. The feedback we have been receiving from the IT community has been overwhelmingly positive. We have been working towards producing a new webinar topic every month, and we plan to keep moving at that pace. In this webinar, Michael Snoyman, Vice President of Engineering at FP Complete, discusses how to maximize the “Haskell Success Program”. We had 189 people registered for the event which aired on Wednesday, May 1st at 10:00 am PDT.

About the Webinar

In this month’s webinar, Michael Snoyman demonstrated just how easy it is to get started with maximizing FP Complete’s “Haskell Success Program”.

Topics covered:

During the webinar we tried to answer these questions:

Watch the Webinar

We decided to include the chat log for this webinar, and it can be seen at the end of this blog post.

We have a winner!

Haskell Success Program Winning Draw is…

Congratulations Lauri Lättilä of Helsinki, Finland’s SimAnalytics! Lauri & SimAnalytics have won FP Complete’s $1 Haskell Success Program Drawing. FP Complete looks forward to working together with Lauri and his SimAnalytics’ Haskell team.

NEW! 2 Success Programs!

Following the great feedback and success of its new Haskell Success Program, FP Complete would like to take this opportunity to introduce and welcome its 2 new Success Programs!

BlockChain Success Program Enrollment

BlockChain Success Program

Bringing world-class engineering to your rapid blockchain projects.

Engineer to engineer blockchain mentoring that saves time, slashes risks, and pays for itself!

Be The First

Learn more about this exciting new opportunity available for the success of your team!

DevOps Success Program

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Fixing broken processes with DevOps. Engineer to engineer mentoring that pays for itself!

Do You Know FP Complete?

At FP Complete, we do so many things to help companies it’s hard to encapsulate our impact in a few words.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so a video has to be worth 10,000 words (at least). Therefore, to tell all we can in as little time as possible, check out our explainer video. It’s only 108 seconds to get the full story of FP Complete.

We want your feedback for webinar topics

We would like to hear your suggestions for future webinar topics. The simplest way to accomplish this is to add a comment to this blog post with your suggestion. Alternatively, send your suggestion via email to [email protected].

Webinar Chat Log

We find it useful to share what was chatted about during the webinar. You can see the chat flow below.

00:06:56 Yanik Koval: hey 00:07:08 Chris Done: hey! 00:07:37 Yanik Koval: Will you record this? 00:07:51 Chris Done: yes, it’s being recorded 00:08:02 Chris Done: it’ll be uploaded to our YouTube channel 00:08:15 Yanik Koval: perfect, thank you 01:09:31 Do you mean 20% of Haskell gives 80% of the benefits? Is that just a type? 01:16:30 Bruce Alspaugh: I see languages like Java have lots of free or inexpensive MOOCs available, but it is hard to find very many on platforms like EdX, Coursera, Linda, etc. but there are very few for Haskell. Is there any effort underway to expand these offerings? 01:19:22 : I have seen some university/academic lecturers giving talks about teaching Haskell via MOOCs, but I’m not aware of commercial initiatives in this area. https://glasgowmoocadventures.wordpress.com/ 01:24:45 Bruce Alspaugh: Do you have any recommendations for how to work with existing local user groups, or establishing new Haskell-oriented user groups to encourage developers to learn Haskell, and companies to start pilot projects? 01:35:13 Bruce Alspaugh: I see languages like Java have lots of free or inexpensive MOOCs available on platforms like EdX, Coursera, Lynda, etc., but there are very few available for Haskell. Is there any effort underway to expand these offerings? 01:39:51 Bruce Alspaugh: Is Haskell on the JVM using Eta or Frege a viable option? 01:41:04 Byron Hale: To All Panelists : My experience with Python is that it’s like an elephant in a china-shop when it comes to package management. A carefully curated system will be overwritten without a by-your-leave. Python is the preferred language for machine-learning. What can be done? 01:46:03 Bruce Alspaugh: Does Haskell have good libraries for PDF report generation? 01:47:07 Byron Hale: For example, can Python be added to Nix? Guix? 01:59:21 Dan Banta: Thank you. 01:59:36 Chris Done: Thanks all!! 01:59:53 Bulent Basaran: Thanks You!

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