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FP Complete is a software engineering firm that helps sophisticated companies develop cutting-edge analytics & modeling software for biology, finance, Internet of Things, and other advanced data projects. We emphasize functional programing (mainly in Haskell) and distributed, cloud-based devops (AWS and other clouds).

Founded in 2012, we are a modern and lightweight company of about 20 people. Many of our team are veterans and innovators from Microsoft, Intel, Google, several PhD programs, and several prominent open-source projects. We work in distributed, work-from-home style, so we hire people who can work with fairly little supervision, who are very smart, and who are great communicators. Most of us are in North America and Western Europe.

Our clients are category innovators: startups to Fortune 500 firms, putting information to work. Together we build new software-driven systems for powerful data handling, data analysis, proprietary applications, and online operations.

Our team, the level of autonomy and growth you get, and our work-from-anywhere management style are extraordinary. Very smart, no-nonsense people love working at FP Complete.


To continue growing we are currently hiring 3 software engineers. You may strongly fit any of the 3 profiles listed below, and we are also open to a blend of two different descriptions.

SKILL SET 1: strong at Haskell programming, and will architect and develop server-based infrastructure and data-modeling code, and possibly Web UI code as well.

SKILL SET 2: strong at devops and cloud Linux sysadmin, and will create and maintain systems for multi-machine computations and for advanced engineering collaboration.

SKILL SET 3: strong at customer problem analysis and solution design, including writing proposals and specifications, and will play a major role in working with our customers (and their bosses and regulators) and winning new customers for the company.

You will do many of these tasks, depending on your skills:

You should have these skills:

As we have many opportunities, these additional skills are also valued:


Send your resume and any comments to [email protected] where a real human being from our engineering team will read your email.

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