FP Complete

First, the boring, not over-the-top version: the Stack team is starting a new initiative, the Stack Issue Triagers. We’re asking for volunteers to go through the Stack issue tracker on Github and help users with support questions get moving more quickly, and alert the development team of bugs that require their attention. A more advanced version of this would be providing a dedicated IRC channel or similar forum to allow people to ask questions, though that’s up for debate. By becoming an issue triager, you’ll be helping the Haskell community onboard new users, get a chance to interact directly with the Stack developers, and very likely find an easier way to get onboard with being a Stack developer yourself.

But that’s boring.

The time has come to seize your destiny. You’ve always known there was something greater waiting for you. Deep in your bones you’ve felt it. Your chance in nigh! You dare not miss this opportunity to jump into the fray and impact the cosmos.

Shape the future of Stack! Grow the Haskell user base! Destroy imperative programming! Stop all software bugs, ushering a new era of peace and prosperity (until Haskell starts the singularity of course).

Anyway, since this is a new, experimental initiative, we’ll start this off small, but if successful hopefully we’ll grow it significantly. If you’re interested in participating, please fill out this form (no longer available).

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