FP Complete

As many of you saw, GHC 7.10 RC3 is now available. As has become a pretty long-standing tradition, the Stackage project has been tracking GHC 7.10 library support for a few months now. Given how close we are to a release, now seems like a good time to make a more public status report.

Firstly: restrictive upper bounds. I added a comment two hours ago listing all of the restrictive upper bounds, that is, upper bounds on libraries which prevent them from working with GHC 7.10. (Note: --allow-newer can override that.) In some cases, these are unnecessary upper bounds, in that simply relaxing the bounds in the cabal file will allow them to build. In others, they are in fact necessary, and the code needs to change. To help identify which packages fall into which categories, I then did a full build without bounds checking. I’ve uploaded three different sets of results:

The Haskell community excels in getting libraries to quickly be compatible with the newest GHC version. Let’s strive to do it again with this release!

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