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Open source

We’ve been working on Stackage server for a while and now that the code has stabilized it’s ready to be open source. You can fork it on Github! We’re a responsive team, used to bringing pull requests forward and getting them deployed.

Since the last update we added a bunch of things. Here’s a rundown:

Clarifying improvements


We now list all packages from Hackage on the packages page. A subset of these are included in Stackage snapshots. Hitting those links takes you to our new page package. Examples:

On this page we display:


We support showing a README from your package (see e.g. hlint example above), which is a really nice way to introduce people to your package. You can use the same one that you use for your Github README.md, just include it in your .cabal file with:

extra-source-files: README.md

If your filename is just README it’ll be included as plain text. With the .md extension it will be rendered as markdown.

Please do go ahead and include your README.md in your .cabal file. If you don’t have one, please write one and make it helpful and descriptive for any newbies to your package.

If no README file is found it falls back to the package description, which is displayed as plain text. As is well-known in the community at large, writing descriptive pros in Haddock syntax is not pleasant, whereas everyone is pretty much writing their READMEs in markdown anyway thanks to Github.

CHANGELOGs are also displayed as markdown if the file extension is .md, otherwise it’s treated as plain text.

Specifying remote-repo in sandboxes

An issue with using Stackage in the past was that you had to either put your remote-repo field in your global cabal config, or setup an hsenv. Or by using a cabal.config with constraints in it. Now the feature has been merged to be able to specify remote-repo in the cabal.config file in your project root. Once this is released you’ll be able to use a Stackage snapshot within a sandbox and keep the cabal.config file in your source repository.

Additional package page features

Additional features include:

Additional to the other metadata, like Github, we make use of the files in your package, so we will also display:


Stackage just got easier to use:

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