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What is GovCloud?

“GovCloud” relevant to your work?  This is not a Devops post to miss! “GovCloud” is a relatively new, and still rather ambiguous, term on the web. One might assume “the Cloud for Government”, and in a sense you’d be right, but what exactly does that mean? In this post, we will explore how the term […]

NAT Gateways in Amazon GovCloud

NAT Gateways in Amazon GovCloud So you’re deploying your government-sensitive data and services on GovCloud, or planning to and you want your data to be protected against third-party access, so you configure your subnets as private resources, without internet access. In other AWS regions, you could then add a managed NAT Gateway and instances would have, […]

Amazon GovCloud has no Route53! How to solve this?

Users of Amazon Web Services are used to having Route53 available to provide DNS records within their clouds. However, if you’re a government contractor or an agency, your deployments likely live on an Amazon GovCloud environment. And on that environment, Route53 is not yet available. So does that mean you should forego deploying any services […]

Manage Secrets on AWS with credstash and terraform

Motivation During automatic infrastructure deployment on AWS, a common question is: what is the best way to deliver sensitive information over to EC2 instances or, more precisely applications running on them. There are numerous solutions, such as placing the information into user-data initialization script or simply SFTPing them onto the instance. Although these are perfectly […]