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Serverless Rust using WASM and Cloudflare

I run a website for Haskellers. People are able to put their email addresses on this website for others to contact them. These email addresses were historically protected by Mailhide, which would use a Captcha to prevent bots from scraping that information. Unfortunately, Mailhide was shut down. And from there, Sorta Secret was born. Sorta […]

WebAssembly in Rust: A Primer

We are excited that we have been able to keep up with the pace of our monthly webinar series. More importantly, we have been able to offer a variety of topics and this month’s webinar certainly illustrates our commitment to webinar diversity.  We are pleased that Aniket Deshpande (Software and DevOps Engineer at FP Complete) was able to discuss […]

When Rust is safer than Haskell

We’re big fans of safety-focused languages at FP Complete. As our previous blog post comparing Rust and Haskell made clear, we think both of these are great languages. A recurring theme we have for both internal and client projects is: which language should we use? The general guidelines in that blog post apply: If there’s […]

Haskell and Rust

FP Complete is known for our best-in-class DevOps automation tooling in addition to Haskell. We use industry standards like Kubernetes and Docker. We’re always looking for new developments in software that help us empower our clients. Rust is an up-and-coming programming language whose history starts in 2010. Rust has much overlap in its strengths with […]

Is Rust functional?

In the past few months, and in particular in the past two weeks, I’ve gotten a number of people asking me the question: Is Rust a functional programming language? This makes sense: I’m a big advocate of functional programming, I work at a company with FP in its name, my primary programming language is Haskell, […]

Streaming UTF-8 in Haskell and Rust

Since I seem to be a one-trick pony, I decided to write yet again to compare streaming data in Haskell and Rust. This was inspired by a cool post I saw on Reddit about converting characters in the Latin alphabet into look-alikes in the Cyrilic alphabet. When reviewing the original code, I noticed that it […]

Deploying Rust with Docker and Kubernetes

Deploying rust with Docker and Kubernetes Hello! My name is Chris Allen and I’m going to use a tiny Rust app to demonstrate deploying Rust with Docker and Kubernetes. Rust and Haskell apps are deployed in similar ways. Much of this is because the compilers for both languages generate native binary executables. Here are the […]

Iterators and Streams in Rust and Haskell

Streaming data is a problem domain I’ve played with a lot in Haskell. In Haskell, the closest we come to built-in streaming data support is laziness-by-default, which doesn’t fully capture streaming data. (I’m not going into those details today, but if you want to understand this better, there’s plenty of information in the conduit tutorial.) […]