FP Complete

Client Needs Secure, Reliable, and Compliant Cloud Solutions for High-Tech Medical Devices

FP Complete takes wearable medical device data to the next level with a secure and accessible cloud infrastructure.

FP Complete provides secure, reliable data management solutions for a medical information technology organization.

The Customer sought our expertise to develop a software system to record and analyze patient data collected through wearable medical devices. The goal was to provide clinicians with insights into their patients’ activity and blood chemistry for better monitoring and advice. 

We were tasked with:

  • Creating a secure cloud infrastructure for the medical device data
  • Ensuring all systems complied with European Union privacy rules and regulatory guidelines
  • Developing a robust online system that offered ease of accessibility 

Corporation Type

Medical Information Technology Company


Digital health

Project Type

Regulated software medical device

Business Issues

  • Client needed software that would collect patient data, store it securely on the cloud, and allow clinical organizations easy access to it.
  • Client needed the software compliant with all EU regulations regarding patient medical data.
  • Client needed to quickly demonstrate progress to their investors to ensure continued funding for the project.

Project Outcome

Full-Stack Solution Developed Iteratively with our Customer

We created a customized software infrastructure that helped our client achieve their development and financing goals by implementing Agile development practices. Our team delivered a solution that met all necessary milestones while maintaining high standards.

Project Outcome

Scalability and Flexibility with Advanced DevOps Solutions

Our DevOps team has successfully delivered a cloud-based solution for the Customer, which includes a customized API to transmit data. The solution also boasts advanced DevOps automation, ensuring scalability and flexibility to accommodate additional demand. With this cutting-edge technology, the Customer can enjoy an efficient and reliable system that will help them effectively meet their business needs.

Project Outcome

Cost-Effective Solutions for Maximum Efficiency

We exceeded our goals under budget, showcasing our ability to collaborate with customers and deliver top-notch IT solutions. Our services continue to be utilized by our client, who values our expertise in technology and custom software enhancements.


Android, React native, OAuth, WAMP protocol (microservices), WebSockets, Redis, Haskell

FP Complete’s Solution

  • Working with the Customer, we refined their existing data storage back-end and developed a real-time web-based visualization front-end for demo purposes.
  • We also created a customized API using high-performance Haskell code to access stored data and integrated statistical analysis into the back end.
  • Following successful demos, we expanded the system’s data processing abilities to a scalable cloud architecture.
  • We also developed secure mobile front-end apps for Android and iOS that patients and medical professionals could use.


The development of this project faced several challenges that required innovative solutions, which included:

  • Integrating statistical packages into a web API.
  • Creating a queue-based messaging system to enable multiple physicians to receive real-time data.
  • Automating DevOps targeting various cloud providers while ensuring secure and high-performing data transmission through cryptographic protocols.

Despite these hurdles, the project was completed with the help of cutting-edge technologies and forward-thinking approaches.

The Conclusion

For the team mentioned in this case study, it was crucial to quickly demonstrate progress to their investors so they could secure continued funding for their project. FP Complete was proud to help the Customer develop a cutting-edge platform that meets European Union privacy requirements while providing clinical organizations easy access to patient data.

Our commitment to security and reliability makes us confident that this platform will positively impact healthcare delivery and improve patient outcomes.