FP Complete

Client Unlocks the Potential of their AWS Infrastructure

FP Complete’s experienced and certified experts provide solutions to maximize the efficiency of AWS infrastructure.

FP Complete helps their client modernize and optimize their AWS infrastructure.

The customer’s PHP and .NET (C#) applications deployed on AWS faced performance and reliability issues due to outdated technology and little maintenance. As a result, they sought the help of the FP Complete AWS experts to:

  • Modernize their infrastructure
  • Identify security risks
  • Reduce costs
  • Pinpoint any infrastructure-related problems

With years of experience in AWS management, our team worked diligently to optimize their cloud architecture while ensuring maximum efficiency and security. In addition, we aimed to provide a comprehensive solution that addressed their immediate concerns and future-proofed their applications for sustained growth and scalability.

Corporation Type

SMS marketing



Project Type

Review and infrastructure improvements

Business Issues

  • The client needed access to experienced AWS specialists to modernize their cloud infrastructure.
  • Client needed to identify any infrastructure-related issues that caused performance and reliability problems.
  • Client needed to identify potential security risks in their AWS environment.

Project Outcome

Improved Scalability while Reducing Costs

We addressed AWS limitations by transitioning from EC2 Classic and adopting more modern technologies such as Amazon Virtual Private Cloud. This transition allowed us to take advantage of new features and capabilities offered by AWS while also improving scalability and reducing costs.

Project Outcome

Identified Potential Areas of Concern

After analyzing the AWS infrastructure, we found no performance or reliability issues with the customer’s applications. However, logging and metrics identified potential areas of concern in the application and database logic that require further investigation.

Project Outcome

Optimized with New Metrics for Performance

With new metrics, AWS cost optimization became easier by providing visibility into actual utilization. Changes in resourcing will be implemented once application performance and reliability meet a certain standard. These metrics are crucial for achieving cost-effectiveness without compromising on quality.


Amazon Web Services (Elastic Beanstalk, EC2, RDS, CloudWatch, VPC)

FP Complete’s Solution

  • Separate Staging and Production Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) have been set up to enhance security and improve performance. 
  • Application deployment, cloud database, and compute platform environments have been moved into the VPCs with necessary connectivity enabled through security group, network access control, and network connectivity changes. 
  • Automated transaction log backups have also been enabled in the compute platform environments using customized configuration files for Windows and Linux. 
  • A switch from magnetic to solid-state drive storage has increased the size of the cloud database environment. 
  • Recommendations for additional logging have also been made to identify bottlenecks in applications.


  • Working with the AWS computing platform Elastic Beanstalk in a hybrid Windows/Linux environment.
  • Advanced configuration of shipping custom metrics and Windows system event logs to CloudWatch (AWS monitoring and management service).
  • Optimizing AWS infrastructure without identifying issues directly related to performance and reliability.

The Conclusion

Through FP Complete’s work with this client, we were able to unlock the full potential of their AWS infrastructure. By improving security and reducing technical debt, we created a more efficient and effective system that better served the needs of their business.

Additionally, we identified and addressed limitations related to EC2 Classic, further optimizing their infrastructure. Overall, our work has resulted in a more robust and reliable system for our client’s applications, setting them up for continued success in the future.