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Lead Software Quality Engineer - Cloud Medical Science - Telecommute

Work from Home + infrequent travel to Southern California

Would you like to work with an international team of software, biology, and regulatory experts on cutting-edge analysis software to help cancer patients? Do you have great organizing and communication skills, and experience managing quality for a software-based product? Are you a fan of using great processes to get work done smarter, better, and more reliably? Then we want to hear from you!

FP Complete, a boutique software firm of 20+ engineers focusing on life sciences online software, is hiring a Lead Software Quality Engineer. You will be a member of an international product development team, where you will be expected to provide direct input on product implementation, testing, team process, technical documentation, and overall quality. You will gain extensive experience on the process for delivering FDA-approved medical devices, where good quality control is a must.

Your Role and Responsibilities

  • Understand how the FDA sees quality in a software-based medical device, and implement processes to demonstrate we meet their quality bar for safety, reliability, tracking, auditability, and repeatability
  • Work with senior, knowledgeable experts in regulatory process to understand what’s required, and translate these requirements into concrete planning, testing, and tracking activities
  • Supervise 1 to 2 quality engineers, with potential to grow
  • In collaboration with your team, define and design the tests and tools to validate an online medical device at the API level
  • Participate in management meetings, reporting on our quality work and gathering input and new requirements. Help the team understand how quality needs are being met, and identify new testing and organizing needs that may be explicit or implicit. Work directly with colleagues in engineering, program management, and regulatory affairs.
  • Organize continuous-integration (CI) and build systems to automate the running of tests and the creation of quality records
  • Identify ways to improve documentation in order to drive high quality into the product
  • Clarify requirements in an innovative project by asking smart, analytical questions. Act as a connector between our innovation-focused engineers and our compliance-focused administrators and clients.
  • Work with a range of technologies including automated testing, cloud deployment, high-performance computing, functional programming, and more
  • Create reports and status tracking techniques that allow for organized QA work in a regulated, audited project environment
  • By helping our innovative products attain high quality and regulatory approval, help to save the lives of cancer patients!

What you need to bring to this role

  • Test experience on software systems, including automated testing, understanding requirements specs, and organizing test case management
  • A clear mind with a strong focus on quality, organization, and communication
  • Experience working in an organized team with clear processes, and helping to improve these processes and report on the results
  • Proven ability to understand complex, online software systems and how we can verify their correct operation and performance
  • An Agile mindset: the ability to improve plans during and throughout the project as we learn more
  • Discipline to speak up and do the right thing
  • Ability to communicate effectively with both technical and non-technical audiences, with enough diplomacy to work with different points of view and expertise
  • A degree in computer science, information technology, digital bioengineering, or a related field, or equivalent experience
  • Experience providing management or technical leadership to other people, ideally in a way that inspires them and helps them to grow

Other things to bring that would be helpful

  • Having tested software products in a regulated or audited environment (medical, financial, aviation, elections, etc.) where quality has to be tracked and proven
  • Test framework design and implementation
  • Experience with test management software
  • Experience integrating test tools with issue tracking and agile management tools
  • Technical experience with cloud computing deployment (AWS or similar)
  • Programming experience
  • Experience with security testing
  • Experience testing online systems (server or cloud or distributed software)

Location is Flexible, Work from Home

As a modern distributed company, we seek the best candidate from anywhere allowing them to telecommute. Therefore this position is open to full-time applicants in all locations. Occasionally, we do want to see you in person, so from time to time you will travel to our Los Angeles or San Diego locations.

About the Company

FP Complete is an exciting new player in life sciences software. A high-end engineering company with highly trained technical staff across the USA and several other countries, we work with scientific experts to experiment, develop software models, and build production IT systems for use with real patients and doctors.

HOW TO APPLY: Please email a cover letter, your resume/C.V., salary requirements, and a description of some of your best accomplishments and type(s) of work desired to: jobs /at/ fpcomplete /dot/ com