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February 2017

Hello from all of us at FP Complete! Based on feedback from thousands of you, we are upping our newsletter game. In this issue and going forward, you'll find material on DevOps and on Functional Programming, with a focus on substance rather than on short-term fluff. Our goal is to help your most challenging engineering projects succeed. Please let us know what you'd like to see more of: what topics, how technical, how short/long ... and send your feedback on today's linked articles! We are here to inform and assist.

Aaron Contorer, founder/CEO

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Michael Snoyman, VP of Engineering for FP Complete, shares his thoughts on immutability- a concept that is well understood on the software side of the business, but one that is relatively new to the DevOps side, and one that has helped Michael and his team avoid those late night emergency recovery sessions that other DevOps teams run into on an ongoing basis.

Immutable Data Structures are canon in functional programming- by using values that are immutable you reduce the number of moving parts in your software making it more reliable and easier to maintain over time.

In DevOps, immutable infrastructure is still relatively new - concepts like Containerization and platforms like Docker, in particular, are being used to create reliable hosting setups that minimize the differences between testing areas and production systems leading to smoother product launches. The manual adjustments and corrections that plague most DevOps efforts are kept under control.

A common thread between the two is found in the parallel between a technique in functional programming called the ST type and the way that Docker images are built. Read the blog post to see how this all comes together... Read the full story here.

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FP Complete was contacted by a fortune 500 company that had a problem - the client had an FDA regulated medical device provided as a SaaS (Software as a Service) which was proving difficult to validate and impossible to scale up - the product relied on a large amount of manual system configurations which were difficult to replicate reliably on the various developer systems that were being run in-house. Their IT resources were stretched to the limit and couldn’t be taken off of other projects to fix this problem- they needed outside help to find the solution.

FP Complete was tasked with creating a method for these systems to be integrated together so that the product could grow and meet the FDA’s compliance standards.

The solution solved the problems and allowed the client to grow their product and expand their team in a controlled and manageable way that meets FDA requirements and made it easier for management to handle the friction that normally accompanies growth. The system is now reliable and expandable. Read the full story here

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Our very own Aaron Contorer, the CEO, was asked to speak at the local chapter of the 7 CTO's in San Diego. Thankfully, the session was recorded and we are able to present that to you here.

Revolutionizing Performance and Output with Better Tools

In this video Aaron will discuss the following topics: Why is functional programming the future and why CTO's need to adopt it now? Why are functional programming and DevOps essentially the same thing? What do CTOs need to do in order to have reliable deployments? What is the #1 issue facing most teams today and how to move past that? We will also find out if Aaron really rejected a job offer from Bill Gates and what eventually happened?

Contact me about a DevOps Assessment

Announcing our new DevOps AssessmentDevOps Assessment Services Image

We are pleased to announce that we can now provide a full assessment of your DevOps practices and provide a grade report and remediation plan to ensure that you are following best practices. If you would like to find out more please click here or the button above.