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May 2017

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FP Complete Customer Spotlight - IOHK

Why Haskell and the BlockChain work together

A start-up in the blockchain industry is working with FP Complete on a major project - to design and construct a cryptocurrency focused on the Asian market.

IOHK is a two-year-old company that makes cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, although using more sophisticated cryptography. Early on, the decision was made to opt for a functional programming language, Haskell, to write the software, because of its suitability for a system being designed to securely carry large amounts of value.

IOHK needed to assemble a team with the skills to develop the cryptocurrency, a complex new product, and meet the client's tight deadlines. IOHK was growing very quickly - from fewer than ten people to more than 70 in just over a year. During its work on the project, it has built a large team of more than two dozen Haskell developers.

Read the full story here

P.S. Check IOHK's website. It's one of the coolest we have ever seen iohk.io

DevOps Best Practices Website

What does Immutability have to do with DevOps Best Practices?

Most IT team leaders will tell you that DevOps is the phase of a project where things need to go very right but often go very, very WRONG. Small bugs become show stoppers and projects can easily become derailed causing serious financial harm to businesses all around the world.

As part of an irregular series on the topic of DevOps Best Practices, FP Complete offers up an important insight into DevOps stress reduction: The role of Immutability in DevOps Best Practices.

Devops Best Practices: Immutability

CI Process Website

Should your CI build process be in your code repository?

Our experts say yes!

While it is clear to most developers that a project's source code and how to build that source code are inextricably linked, it has apparently NOT been clear that the build process and environment are also important, especially when using Continuous Integration.

As CI has become more relevant for businesses and mainstream in the programming world in recent years, it is perhaps time to focus more on this second relationship. Our latest Engineer's Blog Post looks to start that conversation - please join in!

Your CI build process should be in your code repository

Case Study Website

See how we are bridging the gap for our customers

At FP Complete we don't just meet our client's needs - we find ways of going above and beyond.

While helping one of our Fortune-500 clients get their medical device software past a choke point, we also devised a way for them to quickly and easily scale up the entire system - allowing them to realize efficiencies that they had not even thought of and giving them the opportunity to take their device in new and profitable directions. For the executive summary of this project, please click the link below.

Case Study: Scaling up a Scientific Computation

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Need a DevOps Assessment?

We can provide a full assessment of your DevOps practices and provide a grade report and remediation plan to ensure that you are following best practices. If you would like to find out more please click here.

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