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Primitive Haskell

I originally wrote this content as a chapter of Mezzo Haskell. I’m going to be starting up a similar effort to Mezzo Haskell in the next few days, and I wanted to get a little more attention on this content to get feedback on style and teaching approach. I’ll be discussing that new initiative on […]

Commercial Haskell Special Interest Group

At FP Complete, we’re constantly striving to improve the quality of the Haskell ecosystem, with a strong emphasis on making Haskell a viable tool for commercial users. Over the past few years we’ve spoken with many companies either currently using Haskell or considering doing so, worked with a number of customers in making Haskell a […]

Announcing: mutable-containers 0.2

As part of our high-performance computing work, I recently found myself in need of some fast mutable containers. The code is now available on both Hackage and Stackage. The code is pretty young, and is open to design changes still. That said, the currently released version (0.2.0) is well tested and performs fairly well. If […]

A New Release for the New Year: Announcing Release 3.2

A New Release for the New Year We recently released version 3.2 of FP Haskell Center. We want to take this opportunity to list some of the new features and highlight the additions of a Hosted Haddocks button and the ability to set up personal RSS feeds within each account. 3.2 Features List Support for […]

Announcing LTS Haskell 1.0

The Stackage team is happy to announce the first official LTS Haskell release, LTS Haskell 1.0. The LTS Haskell Github repository has a good overview of the project, and our initial blog post provides quite a bit more detail. To quote: LTS Haskell: Version your Ecosystem LTS Haskell is a curated set of packages which […]

GHC 7.10RC1 Stackage build results

As many of you likely saw recently, GHC 7.10.1 release candidate 1 was just released. As usually occurs with this process, there is currently lots of breakage in the Haskell library ecosystem. Herbert asked me today if I had plans to throw Stackage at the GHC 7.10 release candidate. I’ve used Stackage in the past […]

Stackage: Survey results, easier usage, and LTS Haskell 0.X

There was tremendous response to our Stackage survey, so I’d like to say: thank you everyone who participated, the feedback was invaluable. Additionally, in the past two weeks, I think we’ve added around 100 new packages to Stackage based on everyone’s pull requests, so again, thank you for everyone who got involved. You can view […]

Dropping GHC 7.4 support in FP Haskell Center

When we released FP Haskell Center 3.1, we deprecated our support for GHC 7.4. Till now, we’ve left that support in place to give users a grace window for upgrading to GHC 7.8. I’m announcing our plans to fully remove GHC 7.4 support in a near release, most likely FP Haskell Center 3.3. One of […]

Backporting bug fixes: Towards LTS Haskell

The concept I’ll be describing here is strongly related to GPS Haskell, something Mark, Duncan, and I started working on at ICFP. I’ll expand on the relation to that project in the questions section below. There’s a very simple, easily understood problem that I’m sure many of us writing software in Haskell have faced: we […]

Experimental package releases via Stackage Server

Right now, Hackage has no concept of a stable and an unstable release of a package. As a result, authors are hesitant to release code to Hackage unless it’s already stable. But it’s difficult to get people to test new versions of packages if it’s difficult to install. Installing a single new package from Github […]