FP Complete

Stackage server: new features and open source

Open source We’ve been working on Stackage server for a while and now that the code has stabilized it’s ready to be open source. You can fork it on Github! We’re a responsive team, used to bringing pull requests forward and getting them deployed. Since the last update we added a bunch of things. Here’s […]

3.1 release changes

On September 28 we released 3.1 of the FP Complete public services. We’ve discussed this a bit already, but in this blog post, we want to share some of the more technical details of what we’ve added. Laundry list of features We’ve added a whole bunch of new features to FP Haskell Center. Here are […]

New Stackage features

We have two new updates to Stackage: providing cabal.config files and including Haddock documentation. Haddock documentation on snapshots Now all new exclusive snapshots will have haddock links, which you can access via the following steps: Go to the stackage.org home page. Choose an exclusive snapshot. On the snapshot page will be a link in the […]

IAP: conduit stream fusion

Both the changes described in this blog post, and in the previous blog post, are now merged to the master branch of conduit, and have been released to Hackage as conduit 1.2.0. That doesn’t indicate stream fusion is complete (far from it!). Rather, the optimizations we have so far are valuable enough that I want […]

IAP: Speeding up conduit

As most of us know, performance isn’t a one-dimensional spectrum. There are in fact multiple different ways to judge performance of a program. A commonly recognized tradeoff is that between CPU and memory usage. Often times, a program can be sped up by caching more data, for example. conduit is a streaming data library. In […]

Announcing Stackage Server

A New Service A couple months ago I made a post explaining Stackage server, its motivations and use-cases, and that it would be available in the coming months. It’s now officially available in beta! Stackage server. As a quick recap: the essence of Stackage is that rather than publishing at the granularity of packages, like […]

FP Haskell Center is Going Free

FP Haskell Center Open Publish Announcement As you know, FP Complete’s mission is to drive the wide-scale adoption of Haskell functional programming. As our next step in this mission, I’m pleased to announce we are releasing our full FP Haskell Center (FPHC) free for developers of open projects. This model will be very familiar to […]

vectorBuilder: packed-representation yielding for conduit

Back in March, I mentioned that we’d be using conduit for high performance analyses. We’ve been busy working on various aspects of this behind the scenes. This is the first publicly available follow-up since then. One issue with financial analyses is bridging the gap between in-memory representations and streaming data. The former allows for higher […]

Stackage Server

Stackage is an infrastructure to create stable builds of complete package sets (henceforth we call them “snapshots”). Think “stable Hackage”. Let’s recap. As a user By running automated builds before releasing a new snapshot, Stackage gives the following assurances: There is always a build plan.¹ All packages actually compile.² All tests suites pass. All of […]

GHC 7.8, transformers 0.3, and lenient lower bounds

In the Stackage maintainer’s agreement, there’s a section about keeping your package compatible with the newest versions of all dependencies. What the maintainer’s agreement doesn’t (yet) discuss is when it’s important to be compatible with old versions of a package. The reasons for this are not immediately obvious, especially as it affects a smaller subset […]