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The heartbleed bug and FP Haskell Center

The heartbleed bug and FP Haskell Center If you haven’t heard about the heartbleed bug and related security issues, this article provides a good explanation. Applications developed in FPHC and deployed using the FP Application servers are not vulnerable to this bug. Services we use from Amazon and GitHub were affected. SSL connections to our […]

Calculating the Minimum Variance Portfolio in R, Pandas and IAP

As part of producing a demo for FP Complete’s new IAP product, I wound up implementing the Minimum Variance Portfolio calculation for a stock portfolio in R, then in Haskell for the IAP, and finally in Python using the NumPy and SciPy extension libraries. I want to look at the process of writing each of […]

Monte carlo analysis in Haskell

A common analytic task is the monte carlo simulation. This involves sampling large numbers of random values in order to come to some kind of conclusion. Random numbers are often thought of as a weak point in purely functional languages. In a purely functional language like Haskell, we keep a strict separation between pure and […]

Call For Entries

FP Haskell Competition Call for Entries We just launched our new Free Community edition of FP Haskell Center™ making it easier than ever to participate in our FP Haskell Competition. Each month we are giving away up to $2,500 in cash for Haskell projects. This is an excellent opportunity for Haskell developers to make some […]

Announcing FP Haskell Center Community Edition and Feature Upgrades

Tell Your Friends! New Free Community Edition of FP Haskell Center is Now Available FP Complete™ is excited to announce we are now offering a free community edition of FP Haskell Center™. To get it, all you need to do is login. Instantly you can start learning, developing and sharing Haskell code. Within the IDE […]

The State of Stackage

Almost a full year ago, I made the first commit into the Stackage repository, and the announcement blog post describes the project’s motivations. Since then, as part of our work at FP Complete, there’s been a lot of activity on this project. The community contributions have been amazing as well, with a huge number of […]

August Competition Winners

Two Runner-Up Winners Announced for August Competition We received some very promising submissions in August. Here are our two runner-up winners who earned $500 each. Foursquare Application (Author, Bill Cauchois) Project: This foursquare application extracts trending data from foursquare. Benefits: This project provides a single service, and would be an excellent component to a larger project. MailChimp Application (Author, BJ Terry) Project: This […]

Snap, Happstack and anything else

One of our primary goals when designing the School of Haskell was making it convenient to write up tutorials on web development. As I’m sure many people can guess, I personally think that web development is an important domain to give proper coverage to. And for those of you on our beta program, you’ve probably […]

FP Haskell Center Beta Refresh

FP Haskell Center Beta Refresh Announcement We are excited to share some updates we’ve made and new features we’ve added to our Beta. Here are some of the things we’ve done to improve your experience with the FP Haskell Center: Made numerous bug fixes since the first Beta release Added a new “setup profile” page […]

IDE and Stackage

As most of you know by now, at FP Complete we’ve just launched the beta of the FP Haskell Center, our integrated development and deployment environment. We’ve been letting people onto the system over the past few weeks. For those of you waiting for your beta invitation, you can get a more immediate idea of […]