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An Istio/mutual TLS debugging story

Last week, our team was working on a feature enhancement to Kube360. We work with clients in regulated industries, and one of the requirements was fully encrypted traffic throughout the cluster. While we’ve supported Istio’s mutual TLS (mTLS) as an optional feature for end-user applications, not all of our built-in services were using mTLS strict […]

Secure defaults with Kubernetes Security with Kube360

Security is a multifaceted concept with broad-reaching applications across multiple domains. As a complete server deployment solution, Kube360 touches on many different pieces of the security puzzle. FP Complete has years of experience helping our clients boost Kubernetes security with Kubernetes in particular and cloud deployments in general. We’ve accumulated many of our learned best […]

Improve productivity and quality with CI/CD in Kube360

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery are two concepts that come up frequently in modern DevOps. At a high level, continuous integration (CI) describes the processes and tooling used to ensure that software changes can be tested and built in an automated fashion. Continuous delivery (CD) adds to that concept by providing the setup needed for […]

Kubernetes is best for container orchestration

Why FP Complete chose Kubernetes for Container Orchestration in Kube360 While it is a small competition field, alternatives to Kubernetes for container orchestration exist and have their own merits and drawbacks. Today, we’ll cover the major players and explain why FP Complete ultimately decided to base Kube360 on its namesake, Kubernetes. When companies and organizations […]

Meet the Measurements of Effective IT with Kube360

Introduction At the start of a new year, it is traditional to summarize what we have learned over the past year and apply those lessons to the coming year. This past year has been an outlier in so many ways. Hence, the usual platitudes about lessons learned may seem out of place. Nonetheless, people in […]

Best practices when implementing continuous integration and delivery

As your organization grows and application and infrastructure complexity increase good DevOps processes become very important to be able to reliably deliver software. In this post we’re going to go over continuous integration and continuous delivery and show how they should be a vital part of your DevOps processes, and how CI/CD can enable your […]

FinTech best practices: DevOps Priorities for Financial Technology Applications

People used to think software development was “done” when the code was written and passed all its tests. But modern IT systems aren’t done until they are online, running, and integrated with their data feeds, storage, networks, and administration systems. This can involve very elaborate operations steps, such as dynamically creating a whole array of […]

NAT Gateways in Amazon GovCloud

NAT Gateways in Amazon GovCloud So you’re deploying your government-sensitive data and services on GovCloud, or planning to and you want your data to be protected against third-party access, so you configure your subnets as private resources, without internet access. In other AWS regions, you could then add a managed NAT Gateway and instances would have, […]