Our monthly webinar series is continuing to be highly popular and this month's topic "DevOps to Prepare for a Blockchain World" demonstrated, yet again, why DevOps is the key to success for accelerating your IT to market strategy. Our host was Aaron Contorer, founder, and CEO of FP Complete, former general manager for engineering tools at Microsoft, former technology adviser to Bill Gates, and inventor of numerous patents on computer security and distributed data.

About the Webinar

As the world adopts blockchain technologies, your IT infrastructure — and its predictability — become critical. Many companies lack the levels of automation and control needed to survive in this high-opportunity, high-threat environment.

Are your software, cloud, and server systems automated and robust enough? Do you have enough quality control for both your development   and your online operations? Or will you join the list of companies bruised by huge data breaches and loss of control over their own computer systems? If you are involved in blockchain, or any industry for that matter, these are the questions you need to ask yourself.
Blockchain will require you to put more information online than ever before, creating huge exposures for organizations that do not have a handle on their security. Modern DevOps technologies, including many open-source systems, offer powerful solutions that can improve your systems to a level suitable for use with blockchain.
This webinar was attend by technology decision-makers, IT managers, software engineering leaders, and implementers planning to work on blockchain, data privacy, engineering toolchain, cloud strategy, fault tolerance, or quality.
Topics covered will include:
We were very excited about presenting this topic because FP Complete has been working with several companies who are building their own blockchains and cryptocurrencies. We have been involved in everything from blockchain audits  with organizations like the Cardano Foundation, who is responsible for the ADA cryptocurreny, to major software development projects that are creating new currencies like Lead One and their Dolla Cryptocurrency. Incidentally, they have an upcoming ICO you may want to check out at Dolla ICO.  In the more recent news,  we recently began an initial audit assessment project with Credits.com . Check out the press release about this new partnership .

Watch the Webinar

The slides to this webinar are also available on our LinkedIn SlideShare account.

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State of Haskell 2018 report is released

We are happy to report the survey we conducted several months ago has been converted into our new report on the State of Haskell.  You can download the report by clicking the image below. Also, Aaron was recently interviewed by InfoQ about the report and you can find that article here - Haskell Adoption and User Satisfaction Growing.


If you haven't heard, we just published an ebook about FinTech and DevOps. Since the majority of the customers we serve are classified as FinTech companies, we wanted to share the 5 Killer DevOps Strategies that every FinTech company should practice. Click the picture below to get your free copy today.

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