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Blockchain Technology, Smart Contracts, and Your Company

With the cost of goods only going up and the increased scarcity of quality workers and resources, saving money and time in your day-to-day business operations is paramount. Therefore, adopting blockchain technology into your traditional day-to-day business operations is key to giving you back valuable time, saving you money, creating less dependency on workers, and […]

Levana NFT Launch

FP Complete Corporation, headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, is a global technology company building next-generation software to solve complex problems.  We specialize in Server-Side Software Engineering, DevSecOps, Cloud-Native Computing, Distributed Ledger, and Advanced Programming Languages. We have been a full-stack technology partner in business for 10+ years, delivering reliable, repeatable, and highly secure software.  Our team of […]

Hedera Platform Audit

FP Complete Publishes Results of Independent 3rd Party Audits of Hedera Platform and New Hedera Token Service FP Complete Corporation development specialists conducted a comprehensive review of Hedera’s code and technical documentation Zug, Switzerland – February 9, 2021 – As part of its goal to deliver transparency to the development community, Hedera Hashgraph, the enterprise-grade […]

Decimal Safety Right on The Money

Fixed point decimal numbers are used for representing all kinds of data: percentages, temperatures, distances, mass, and many others. I would like to share an approach for safely and efficiently representing currency data in Haskell with safe-decimal. Problems we want to solve Floating point I wonder how much money gets misplaced because programmers choose a […]

How to be Successful at Blockchain Development

How to be Successful at Blockchain Development The following webinar discusses various strategies for Blockchain Development success and the many uses for Blockchain technology outside of an audit. The webinar also discusses best practices for integrating the Blockchain development strategies into your organization. The following topics are covered in the webinar: What is a Blockchain […]

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Security

Why Audit? FP Complete now does blockchain audit services. Why have we chosen to work in this field, and what are we aiming to accomplish? Blockchain Now Needs Stronger Engineering Good engineering involves a lot of pieces beyond just having a strong algorithm paper: coding standards, continuous integration, automated test coverage, documentation management, reproducible cloud […]

Blockchain Programming Applications Beyond Cryptocurrency

Originally devised to serve as the nerve-center of bitcoin, blockchain programming has come a long way. The brainchild of Satoshi Nakamoto (the pseudonym used for the person or people who developed bitcoin), the technology has today expanded into something bigger, accomplished enough to be put to use in a gamut of potential applications. But before […]

Why blockchain and cryptocurrency audits?

FP Complete now does blockchain audit services. Why have we chosen to work in this field, and what are we aiming to accomplish? Our corporate mission is to drive the successful adoption of better IT engineering tools and practices. Experience shows us again and again: quality and productivity are driven more by these substantive improvements […]

DevOps to Prepare for a Blockchain World

Introduction As the world adopts blockchain technologies, your IT infrastructure — and its predictability — become critical. Many companies lack the levels of automation and control needed to survive in this high-opportunity, high-threat environment. Are your software, cloud, and server systems automated and robust enough? Do you have enough quality control for both your development […]

Why Haskell is hot for cryptocurrencies

This is a short and non-technical blog post demonstrating why the Haskell programming language is a good choice for building cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are not your average software Cryptocurrencies are different from other programs in one key way: One mistake in the code can result in the instantaneous loss of all value of all users. This […]