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We launched our monthly webinar series on Wednesday, April 11th with our first webinar on How to Handle Asynchronous exceptions in Haskell. This webinar was the first in what will be a monthly series covering topics in Haskell Programming, DevOps, Cloud Computing, Cryptocurrencies, FinTech, Medical Device Software, DataOps, and all the other great things we do.

Webinar series launch is a huge success

To say our first webinar was a success is a huge understatement. We had 427 registrants for this event from 6 different continents. The only reason people from Antarctica didn’t register was that we didn’t have their email addresses to send them a proper invite. This first webinar was on exceptions, and the turnout was exceptional!!

The webinar was hosted by Michael Snoyman, our VP of Engineering. Chris Allen, our Engineer Extraordinaire, managed the Q&A channel during the event. The webinar took a close look at a common problem in Haskell – “How to Handle Async Exceptions.” If you are a true Haskell fan, this is the webinar to watch to avoid some costly mistakes.

As most software developers know many programming languages have exceptions. To write programs correctly in such languages, you need to write exception-safe code. This requirement applies to Haskell as well. However, in Haskell, we have an extra twist: asynchronous exceptions, which can be thrown to any thread at any time.

This webinar explores:

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Watch the Webinar

Webinar Topics you want to see

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One Last Thing

If you haven’t heard, we just published an ebook about FinTech and DevOps. Since the majority of the customers we serve are classified as FinTech companies, we wanted to share the 5 Killer DevOps Strategies that every FinTech company should practice. Click the picture below to get your free copy today.

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