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Rust’s as_ref vs as_deref

What's wrong with this program? fn main() { let option_name: Option<String> = Some("Alice".to_owned()); match option_name { Some(name) => println!("Name is {}", name), None => println!("No name provided"), } println!("{:?}", option_name);

July 5, 2021

We are happy to announce the beta of the FP Complete School of Haskell. Our goal is to remove the biggest obstacle

Joining FP Complete

I’m delighted and proud to announce that I’m joining FP Complete temporarily to help launch a new and exciting technical project. I’ve

I have become a personal investor in FP Complete. Why have I done that? In the Haskell community our current model is

Companies today are facing a perfect storm in information technology. As the world becomes more and more technological, more and more of

As you might have heard through the grapevine, or learned from Michael Snoyman’s blog, or from Gregg Lebovitz’ presentation at the Boston

This is the first in the series of tutorials introducing a new approach to web development using Haskell and Yesod. Haskell is

In the previous tutorial I described a single-file Yesod program that ran a very simple web site. I will continue adding new

Over the next two years Haskell will have a lot more users, including many in commercial settings. We at FP Complete spend

I gave a talk about Functional Patterns in C++ at the meeting of the Northwest C++ Users Group. It was a long

Learning a new programming language involves learning syntax, semantics, and idioms. Syntax itself can tell you a lot about the philosophy of

We are now offering a 5-day introductory on-site Haskell course. For details see our Services page. It’s a hands-on course during which

I’m Michael Snoyman, the founder of the Yesod Web Framework for Haskell, and maintainer of a number of the Haskell community’s open

The Gang of Four book introduced many a C++ programmer to the world of patterns. Those patterns are mostly based on everyday

The latest C++11 Standard was a brave attempt, after many years of neglect, at catching up with the reality of concurrent programming.

by Aaron Contorer – CEO In 1999 I went to Bill Gates with an idea to create a software tools group dedicated

Imperative programming is in my bloodstream. I’ve been a C++ programmer for most of my life. I wrote a book about C++.