FP Complete

A Paradigm Shift is Key to Competing

It used to be that being technically mature was thought to be a good thing; now, that view is not so cut and dried.  As you look at topics like containerization, cloud migration, and DevOps, it is easy to see why young companies get to claim the term “Cloud Native.” At the same time, those […]

DevOps in the Enterprise: What could be better? What could go wrong?

Is it Enterprise DevOps or DevOps in the enterprise?  I guess it all depends on where you sit.  DevOps has been a significant change to how many modern technology organizations approach systems development and support.  While many have found it to be a major productivity boost, it represents a threat in “BTTWWHADI” evangelists in some […]

Cloud for Non-Natives

Does this mean if you weren’t born in the cloud, you’ll never be as good as those who are? When thinking about building from scratch or modernizing an existing technology environment, we tend to see one of a few different things happening: Staff will read up, and you will try it on your own. Managers […]

FP Complete Ranked #1547 Among Inc 5000 Companies!

Inc. magazine announced that FP Complete Corporation ranked 1,547 on its list of the fastest-growing privately held companies in America. “I’m extremely proud of our entire FP Complete team for what we’ve been able accomplish and to earn this accolade. Not only are we one of the fastest-growing companies, but so are a number of our […]

Understanding DevOps Roles and Responsibilities

DevOps Roles and Responsibilities If structural engineers built bridges the way software engineers wrote software, then the news would be filled with stories about bridges collapsing. Of course, this is not the case because the engineering process for building bridges is well defined (and has been around far longer than software engineering). Bridges and structural […]

Preparing for Upcoming Cloud Computing Trends

What is cloud computing? In its simplest terms, cloud computing means your computing requirements are running on someone else’s hardware. The word cloud computing originated back in the 1960’s when the internet was often depicted as a cloud when an engineer drew a diagram to represent the internet. You have probably have seen something like […]

How To Successfully Onboard A Remote Workforce

The new realities of the coronavirus pandemic and the social distancing orders of state and local governments have forced many businesses to transition their workforces out of the traditional office space and into the remote home office environment. For over eight years, my company has relied exclusively on the remote home office environment for its […]

16 Smart Project-Management Strategies Every Tech Leader Can Use

Task and project management is a must-have skill in the technology industry, especially for tech leaders. Most are handling multiple projects and demands on their time, so it’s important to be able to prioritize and get everything done. As some of the top professionals in the field, the members of Forbes Technology Council have spent […]

14 Common Reasons Software Projects Fail (And How To Avoid Them)

Tech teams often plunge into new software projects with high hopes, making it all the more frustrating if the project gets derailed. Tech leaders need to be aware of potential project pitfalls ahead of time to avoid wasting time and budget dollars. The experts of Forbes Technology Council have overseen many projects in their professional […]

How We Run an Open Source Based Business

The global economy is changing to promote sharing, and free software is an important part of that. How do we run a business when important products are abundant and even free? Long ago as cofounder of the shareware business model for software, and then an engineer at a public supercomputing center, I was lucky enough […]