FP Complete

Enhancing File Durability in Your Programs

Abstract At FP Complete, we strive to build systems that endure the direst of situations. An unexpected shutdown (like a kernel panic, or unplugging the power cord) in a machine should not affect the durability of confirmed writes in programs we develop. As a developer, you’ll likely want to have options in regards to guaranteed […]

Guide to open source maintenance

This blog post is a cross post from a guide I wrote on the Commercial Haskell Github account. That URL is the authoritative location for this document. If you want to send any updates and recommendations, pull requests certainly welcome! Maintaining an open source project is not trivial. It requires not only technical skill, but […]

10 Common Mistakes to Avoid in FinTech Software Development

Financial Technology, or FinTech, is a relatively new aspect of the financial industry, which focuses on applying technology to improve financial activities. This has the potential to open the doors to new kinds of applications and services for customers, as well as more competitive financial technology. However, like all new technologies, there are mistakes lurking. […]

Selecting the Right Level of Quality Assurance

You’re implementing a new IT system, an app, a DevOps deployment, a DataOps system to merge your data feeds. And it seems to work all right. So, are you done? How much quality assurance work (QA) should you do before calling it finished? Quality Assurance Methodology Quality assurance includes testing, but it also means using […]

Signs Your Business Needs a DevOps Consultant

How to Know if Hiring a DevOps Consultant is Right for Your Business DevOps is a set of tools and methods to get your applications from Dev through Deployment to Operations. It automates a reliable path from my app runs on one machine to my app is online for all users and data, secure, scalable, […]

Big Data vs Business Intelligence: What’s the difference?

Data analytics systems are the cutting edge of modern corporate computing. While many people may feel they are behind the “state of the art” they read about, the truth is these are projects we’re implementing currently for prominent companies in life sciences, finance, healthcare, Internet services, and aerospace, They have a lot in common with […]

DevOps Value: How to Measure the Success of DevOps

If you ask ten engineers how they measure the success of their DevOps strategy you are likely to get ten different answers. Success is measured differently by different people, so it’s not unusual to observe these different perspectives. What is the DevOps value proposition? This blog will explore a number of things to consider when […]

Software Release Management Best Practices

What is software release management? At its most general, “releasing software” is the process by which software is delivered from the engineers creating it to its users. This can take such forms as: A boxed product shipped on some kind of physical media A downloadable executable on a website A mobile application from the official […]

Techniques for Success with Offshore Software Development

When I ran Microsoft’s engineering tools group in the late 1990’s, remote engineering was uncommon and challenging. We had spent millions to relocate engineers to a central headquarters, and when that wasn’t enough to meet all our needs, we had to invent a lot of our own tools to keep offshore projects on track. Since […]

My DevOps Journey and How I Became a Recovering IT Operations Manager

DevOps Challenges I managed an eight-person team that supported data integration tools for a Fortune 100 tech company. One of the tools we supported was adopted by every business unit to integrate a large number of applications, database, and information repositories together. Over a period of 7 – 8 years the number of production integration […]