FP Complete

Distributing our packages without a sysadmin

At FP Complete, we’re no strangers to running complex web services. But we know from experience that the simplest service to maintain is one someone else is managing for you. A few days ago I described how secure package distribution with stackage-update and stackage-install works, focusing on the client side tooling. Today’s blog post is […]

Announcing: open sourcing of ide-backend

After many years of development, FP Complete is very happy and proud to announce the open sourcing of ide-backend. ide-backend has served as the basis for our development of School of Haskell and FP Haskell Center, by providing a high level, easy to use, and robust wrapper around the GHC API. We’d like to express […]

FP Complete’s software pipeline

FP Complete’s mission is easily expressed: increase the commercial adoption of Haskell. We firmly believe that- in many domains- Haskell is the best way to write high quality, robust, performant code in a productive (read: fast-to-market) way. Those of you who, like me, are members of the Haskell community are probably using Haskell because you […]

4 Days Left to Get Beta User Discount

Beta User Discount Offer Reminder to all beta users of FP Haskell Center: you have until August 31, 2013 to subscribe to an annual license for only $450. This is a $300 discount from the regular price of $750. Here’s a sample of user comments about FP Haskell Center: “As IDEs became so bloated and […]

FP Complete Announces Free Academic Accounts

We are pleased to announce our free academic program where faculty members and students from accredited institutions can use FP Haskell Center for free. You can get your free account through a simple web sign-up form starting in mid-August, right before FP Haskell Center becomes generally available in early September. If you haven’t already, you […]

Joining FP Complete

I’m delighted and proud to announce that I’m joining FP Complete temporarily to help launch a new and exciting technical project. I’ve long been a cheerleader from the sidelines, but now — seeing the full extent of CEO Aaron Contorer’s vision — I’m a true believer. The time is right for Haskell to change the world […]

Why I’m investing in FP Complete

I have become a personal investor in FP Complete. Why have I done that? In the Haskell community our current model is based on open-source volunteers. Together we have achieved some pretty remarkable things.  I’m biased about GHC, of course, but Cabal and the extraordinary flowering of libraries on Hackage are even more impressive. People […]