FP Complete

Announcing: stackage-upload

I’m happy to announce the first version of stackage-upload. Copied below is the content of the README file; if you see errors please send a pull request to update the content. This tool is pretty simple right now, but can be easily extended. If others are interested in collaborating on this project, please be in […]

Flame graphs for GHC time profiles with ghc-prof-flamegraph

Flame graphs for GHC time profiles GHC comes with a number of nice profiling facilities. Among other things, GHC can generate time profiles, a useful facility for answering the following question: “where in the source code is my program spending all its CPU time?”. With the right flags turned on, GHC’s RTS dumps a time […]

Announcing: first release of Stackage CLI (Command Line Tools)

We’re happy to announce the first release of stackage-cli (Command Line Interface). This project got started by a request in a somewhat unlikely place: a MinGHC issue. We started on this as a way to automate some of the instructions available on stackage.org, but quickly realized there was a lot more potential to make lives […]

Announcing: stackage-view

As part of our announcement of open sourcing ide-backend, there was a video demonstrating a tool called “fpview” (that was our internal name for this tool). Like many of our tools, after some internal development, we’re now releasing it open source here at: stackage-view. It looks like this: The README documents the features, but here’s […]

Announcing: monad-unlift

I’ve released the first version of monad-unlift. From its README: Typeclasses for providing for unlifting of monad transformers and stacks, and concrete implementations of common transformers implementing this type classes. This package is a companion to monad-control, providing simplified functions to a common subset of transformers and functionality. I’ve copied in the content of the […]

Announcing: LTS (Long Term Support) Haskell 2

The Stackage team is proud to announce the release of LTS Haskell 2. To quote the package page: LTS Haskell: Version your Ecosystem LTS (Long Term Support) Haskell is a curated set of packages which includes non-breaking point releases. It is a companion to Stackage Nightly: whereas Stackage Nightly releases include potentially breaking changes with […]

MinGHC for GHC 7.10

We’re happy to announce the availability of MinGHC for GHC 7.10. MinGHC is a minimal GHC installer for Windows, consisting of: GHC itself cabal-install MSYS, which is necessary for building some packages such as network MinGHC came out of some conversation Neil Mitchell and I had at ICFP last year about pain on the Windows […]

Our composable community infrastructure

Our composable community infrastructure TL;DR: we propose to factor Hackage into a separate, very simple service serving a stash of Haskell packages, with the rest of Hackage built on top of that, in the name of availability, reliability and extensibility. One of the main strengths of Haskell is just how much it encourages composable code. […]

FP Complete’s Hackage mirror

We have been running a mirror of Hackage package repository which we use internally for the FP Complete Haskell Centre’s IDE, building Stackage, and other purposes. This has been an open secret, but now we’re making it official. To use it, replace the remote-repo line in your ~/.cabal/config with the following: remote-repo: hackage.fpcomplete.com:https://hackage.fpcomplete.com/ Then run […]

Stackage and GHC 7.10 update

As many of you saw, GHC 7.10 RC3 is now available. As has become a pretty long-standing tradition, the Stackage project has been tracking GHC 7.10 library support for a few months now. Given how close we are to a release, now seems like a good time to make a more public status report. Firstly: […]