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Haskell Support in Mainstream IDEs

Haskell Support in Mainstream IDEs I’ve tested out the Haskell support of the top mainstream IDEs. Here’s a rundown of the current state of things. As a dyed-in-the-wool Emacs hacker I’ve never used any of the more recent mainstream IDEs, so I can probably offer an unbiased review of the support provided by each. Note: […]

Using Packer for building Windows Server Images

Packer is a useful tool for creating pre-built machine images. While it’s usually associated with creating Linux images for a variety of platforms, it also has first class support for Windows. We’d like to explain why someone should consider adding Packer made images and dive into the variety of ways it benefits a Windows server […]

How to be Successful at Blockchain Development

How to be Successful at Blockchain Development The following webinar discusses various strategies for Blockchain Development success and the many uses for Blockchain technology outside of an audit. The webinar also discusses best practices for integrating the Blockchain development strategies into your organization. The following topics are covered in the webinar: What is a Blockchain […]

When children processes exit – a debugging story

This is a story about how some bad API design on my part caused some ugly race conditions that were very tricky to break down. I’m writing this story as a word of warning to others! The code itself was written in Haskell, but the lessons apply to anyone working with Unix-style processes. Introducing typed-process […]

ANN: stack-2.1.1 release

Announcing the first release in the stack-2.1 series! The Stack 2 release represents a series of significant changes to how Stack works internally. For the vast majority of cases, these changes are backwards compatible, in that existing projects will continue to build in the same way with Stack 2 as they did with Stack 1. […]

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Security

Why Audit? FP Complete now does blockchain audit services. Why have we chosen to work in this field, and what are we aiming to accomplish? Blockchain Now Needs Stronger Engineering Good engineering involves a lot of pieces beyond just having a strong algorithm paper: coding standards, continuous integration, automated test coverage, documentation management, reproducible cloud […]

Faking SQL Server in Haskell

Introduction At FP Complete we develop many tools for our clients to help them achieve their goals. Most of these tools are written in Haskell (and, more recently, some are in Rust), and that has helped us write them more quickly and produce more maintainable apps going forward. In this post I would like to […]

Maximizing Haskell Webinar Review

We are happy to announce that we have been sponsoring free webinars for over a year now. The feedback we have been receiving from the IT community has been overwhelmingly positive. We have been working towards producing a new webinar topic every month, and we plan to keep moving at that pace. In this webinar, […]

Stackage changes and Stack 2

We’re ramping up for the Stack 2 release, which contains a number of changes. (If you want more information, check out the changelog.) I’m not going to be covering all of those changes in this blog post. Instead, today, I want to talk about what the release process will look like, both for Stack itself […]

Why Stack is moving its CI to Azure Pipelines

Up to now, Stack has been using a number of CI solutions: Travis CI for unit tests on Linux and macOS AppVeyor for unit tests on Windows Gitlab CI for integration tests There are a number of problems we’re running into: Travis’s lack of resources and limited build times lead to unreliability of tests, which […]