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Our history with containerization

FP Complete has been working with containerization (or OS-level virtualization) since before it was popularized by Docker. What follows is a brief history of how and why we got started using containers, and how our use of containerization has evolved as new technology has emerged. Brief history Our first foray into containerization started at the […]

Cloud Deployment Models: Advantages and Disadvantages

In this post we show a couple of options when it comes to a cloud deployment model. Depending on the needs of your organization some options may suit you better than others. Private Cloud A private cloud is cloud infrastructure that only members of your organization can utilize. It is typically owned and managed by the […]

Understanding cloud auth

The topics of authentication and authorization usually appear simple but turn out to hide significant complexity. That’s because, at its core, auth is all about answering two questions: Who are you What are you allowed to do However, the devil is in the details. Seasoned IT professionals, software developers, and even typical end users are […]

Understanding DevOps Roles and Responsibilities

DevOps Roles and Responsibilities If structural engineers built bridges the way software engineers wrote software, then the news would be filled with stories about bridges collapsing. Of course, this is not the case because the engineering process for building bridges is well defined (and has been around far longer than software engineering). Bridges and structural […]

Preparing for Upcoming Cloud Computing Trends

What is cloud computing? In its simplest terms, cloud computing means your computing requirements are running on someone else’s hardware. The word cloud computing originated back in the 1960’s when the internet was often depicted as a cloud when an engineer drew a diagram to represent the internet. You have probably have seen something like […]

Cloud preparation checklist

While moving to the cloud brings many benefits associated with it, we need to also be aware of the pain points associated with such a move. This post will discuss those pain points, provide ways to mitigate them, and give you a checklist which can be used if you plan to migrate your applications to […]

Webinar Review: Learn Rapid DevOps Success

Continuous integration and deployment, monitoring and logging, and security and privacy—FP Complete’s comprehensive, easy to understand guide designed to help you learn why those three DevOps strategies collectively create an environment where high-quality software can be developed quicker and more efficiently than ever before. Aaron Contorer, founder and chairman of FP Complete, presented the following […]

DevOps Security and Privacy Strategies

DevOps Security and Privacy—FP Complete’s comprehensive, easy to understand guide designed to help you understand why they’re so critical to the safety of your DevOps strategy. The following is a transcription of a live webinar given by FP Complete Founder and Chairman Aaron Contorer, on FP Complete’s YouTube Channel. Introducing Aaron I’m the Founder and […]

Rust with DevOps Success Strategies

On February 2, 2020, one of FP Complete’s Lead Software Engineers—Mike McGirr—presented a webinar on using Rust for creating DevOps tooling. Webinar Outline FP Complete is hosting a functional programming webinar on, “Learn Rapid Rust with DevOps Success Strategies.” A beginner’s guide including sample Rust demonstration on writing your DevOps tools with Rust over Haskell. […]

Serverless Rust using WASM and Cloudflare

I run a website for Haskellers. People are able to put their email addresses on this website for others to contact them. These email addresses were historically protected by Mailhide, which would use a Captcha to prevent bots from scraping that information. Unfortunately, Mailhide was shut down. And from there, Sorta Secret was born. Sorta […]