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Using Packer for building Windows Server Images

Packer is a useful tool for creating pre-built machine images. While it’s usually associated with creating Linux images for a variety of platforms, it also has first class support for Windows. We’d like to explain why someone should consider adding Packer made images and dive into the variety of ways it benefits a Windows server […]

When children processes exit – a debugging story

This is a story about how some bad API design on my part caused some ugly race conditions that were very tricky to break down. I’m writing this story as a word of warning to others! The code itself was written in Haskell, but the lessons apply to anyone working with Unix-style processes. Introducing typed-process […]

What is GovCloud?

“GovCloud” relevant to your work?  This is not a Devops post to miss! “GovCloud” is a relatively new, and still rather ambiguous, term on the web. One might assume “the Cloud for Government”, and in a sense you’d be right, but what exactly does that mean? In this post, we will explore how the term […]

Why Stack is moving its CI to Azure Pipelines

Up to now, Stack has been using a number of CI solutions: Travis CI for unit tests on Linux and macOS AppVeyor for unit tests on Windows Gitlab CI for integration tests There are a number of problems we’re running into: Travis’s lack of resources and limited build times lead to unreliability of tests, which […]

Deploying Postgres based Yesod web application to Kubernetes using Helm

Yesod is one of the most popular web frameworks in the Haskell land. This post will explore creating a sample Postgres based Yesod web application and then deploying it to Kubernetes cluster. We will create a Helm chart for doing our kubernetes release. Note that the entire source lives here: Sample yesod application Helm chart […]

Deploying Haskell Apps with Kubernetes

Deploying software can certainly have its challenges, but Deni Burtovic walks you through everything you need to know when it comes to deploying Haskell applications with Kubernetes.  As you watch the webinar, we also encourage you to follow along by viewing the presentation which can be found here – Deploying Haskell Apps with Kubernetes. About […]

DevSecOps – Putting the Sec in DevOps

We did something very different this month for our monthly webinar. We invited Ford Winslow, CEO of ICE Cybersecurity, and the new security platform, Aeonian, to present the topic of DevSecOps, or as Ford puts it “Putting the Sec in DevOps”. Ice Cybersecurity is a strategic business partner of FP Complete and our companies are […]

Deploying Rust with Docker and Kubernetes

Deploying rust with Docker and Kubernetes Hello! My name is Chris Allen and I’m going to use a tiny Rust app to demonstrate deploying Rust with Docker and Kubernetes. Rust and Haskell apps are deployed in similar ways. Much of this is because the compilers for both languages generate native binary executables. Here are the […]

DevOps to Prepare for a Blockchain World

Introduction As the world adopts blockchain technologies, your IT infrastructure — and its predictability — become critical. Many companies lack the levels of automation and control needed to survive in this high-opportunity, high-threat environment. Are your software, cloud, and server systems automated and robust enough? Do you have enough quality control for both your development […]

Controlling access to Nomad clusters

In this blog post, we will learn how to control access to nomad. Introduction Nomad is an application scheduler, that helps you schedule application-processes efficiently, across multiple servers, and keep your infrastructure costs low. Nomad is capable of scheduling containers, virtual machines, as well as isolated forked processes. There are other schedulers available, such as […]