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DevOps Security and Privacy Strategies

DevOps Security and Privacy—FP Complete’s comprehensive, easy to understand guide designed to help you understand why they’re so critical to the safety of your DevOps strategy. The following is a transcription of a live webinar given by FP Complete Founder and Chairman Aaron Contorer, on FP Complete’s YouTube Channel. Introducing Aaron I’m the Founder and […]

Webinar Review: Learn Rapid DevOps Success

Continuous integration and deployment, monitoring and logging, and security and privacy—FP Complete’s comprehensive, easy to understand guide designed to help you learn why those three DevOps strategies collectively create an environment where high-quality software can be developed quicker and more efficiently than ever before. Aaron Contorer, founder and chairman of FP Complete, presented the following […]

How To Successfully Onboard A Remote Workforce

The new realities of the coronavirus pandemic and the social distancing orders of state and local governments have forced many businesses to transition their workforces out of the traditional office space and into the remote home office environment. For over eight years, my company has relied exclusively on the remote home office environment for its […]

16 Smart Project-Management Strategies Every Tech Leader Can Use

Task and project management is a must-have skill in the technology industry, especially for tech leaders. Most are handling multiple projects and demands on their time, so it’s important to be able to prioritize and get everything done. As some of the top professionals in the field, the members of Forbes Technology Council have spent […]

Reducing Maintenance Costs With Functional Programming

Most of the discussions we have in the software industry today revolve around developer productivity: How do we make it possible for fewer developers to produce more software in less time? Reducing the upfront costs and delivering quickly is essentially the mantra of the startup world: Move fast and break things. However, the vast majority […]

14 Common Reasons Software Projects Fail (And How To Avoid Them)

Tech teams often plunge into new software projects with high hopes, making it all the more frustrating if the project gets derailed. Tech leaders need to be aware of potential project pitfalls ahead of time to avoid wasting time and budget dollars. The experts of Forbes Technology Council have overseen many projects in their professional […]

Rust with DevOps Success Strategies

On February 2, 2020, one of FP Complete’s Lead Software Engineers—Mike McGirr—presented a webinar on using Rust for creating DevOps tooling. Webinar Outline FP Complete is hosting a functional programming webinar on, “Learn Rapid Rust with DevOps Success Strategies.” A beginner’s guide including sample Rust demonstration on writing your DevOps tools with Rust over Haskell. […]

How to be Successful at Blockchain Development

How to be Successful at Blockchain Development The following webinar discusses various strategies for Blockchain Development success and the many uses for Blockchain technology outside of an audit. The webinar also discusses best practices for integrating the Blockchain development strategies into your organization. The following topics are covered in the webinar: What is a Blockchain […]

Guide to open source maintenance

This blog post is a cross post from a guide I wrote on the Commercial Haskell Github account. That URL is the authoritative location for this document. If you want to send any updates and recommendations, pull requests certainly welcome! Maintaining an open source project is not trivial. It requires not only technical skill, but […]

Selecting the Right Level of Quality Assurance

You’re implementing a new IT system, an app, a DevOps deployment, a DataOps system to merge your data feeds. And it seems to work all right. So, are you done? How much quality assurance work (QA) should you do before calling it finished? Quality Assurance Methodology Quality assurance includes testing, but it also means using […]